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Welcome to Agusan Council Homepage

 Agusan Council is located in Butuan City , Philippines . It is one of
 the most active and dynamic councils of Eastern Mindanao Region . The
 coverage of Agusan Council comprises the whole Agusan del Norte and 
 Butuan City . 
 It was on February 10 , 1947 , that Agusan was formally chartered and 
 authorized by the Boy Scouts of the Philippines , to operate and 
 maintain a Council of the BSP in accordance with the provisions of 
 Commonwealth Act. No. 111 . At present , 50 years after it's creation 
 from the very humble beginning , Agusan Council has continually 
 improved though the years in its Scouting Program and Activities . It
 is now considered as one of the " Performer Council " in the BSP in 
 several aspects of operations . 
 The Council's scout and souters membership at present numbered around
 30,000 . It has produced many outstanding men from the government ,
 and the private sectors . So, far as of 1996 , Agusan Council has 
 107 Eagle , Jose Rizal , Scout Citizen scouts .
We look forward to the many achievents this council has made thru the present leadership of the present Council Chairman Mayor Democrito "Boy Dako" D. Plaza II and Council Scout Executive Victor B. Serrano . My friends , my fellow scouts and scouters feel free to roam around and surf on this page . If you have any suggestions or comments , please feel free to write or e-mail : CSE Serrano with the address below . We look forward hearing from you . " Support Scouting ..... An investment in the Youth of the present and Men of the future . "

CSE Victor B. Serrano

Boy Scouts of the Philippines
Butuan City 8600
Tel.# : *(8521)428661 - Office
*(85) 2253300 - Home

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Revised : 11/10/97