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The purpose of this listing online is to help tourists , visitors , foreigners , balik-bayans and Butuanon themselves , find a good hotel they can stay when they visit the City of Butuan . You can find and access from this webpage Butuan City Hotels room rates , features , address , tel. #, fax # , their webpage address and e-mail address , if they have one . Check it out yourself !!! Feel free to browse and surf around . Just click on any of the links below of the name of hotel you want to see :

Butuan City Hotel Links

Almont Hotel
Balanghai Hotel
Beverly Inn
Butuan Luxury Hotel
Carl Patrick's Hotel
Echelon Hotel
Embassy Hotel
Emerald Villa Hotel & Restaurant
Gardenville Hotel
Hens Only
Hotel Karaga
Luciana Inn & Restaurant
Royal Plaza Hotel
Tam's Fortune Inn - 1
Tam's Fortune Inn - 2

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