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~ My Family Tree ~

Listed below are my immediate family relatives: where they are now ,
where they are connected with , and others  .  This will be updated 
every now and then . This is updated as of : Feb 10, 1999 .

Serrano Family

* Lola Dada Serrano - is now in Long Beach ,CA .  Planning to go home
                      in Butuan City on April '99 . 
* Jessie Serra - is now in London . She has two sons Bimbo , who is
                 married to Maribel with 3 children , and Wen - wen
                 married to Grace with a new born son ,who are both
                 in Manila right now .
* Vic Serrano - is the Scout Executuve of Agusan Council ,married to
                Ester Chan , a teacher in BCES with children : Jay,
                who is a RN now in BXU later on will be back in CA ;
                Joey , a occupational therapist in Cebu ,and Jeline,
                who is now Saudia Airline flight attendant . 
* Jr Serrano - is the Manager of BPI ( Former CitiTrust ),wife Myrna
               a teller in other BPI Branch also in Butuan. Children
               are :Sheryl an RN waiting to go to the States , Marjo
               a physical therapist,JP is in college in AMA Computer
               and Nino who is also in HS in Urios College .
* Anita Caturan - is a teacher in TCA  , married to  Paul Caturan  . 
                  They have 2 children  Apples and  Peaches both are 
                  studying in Timber City Academy .
* Edgar Serrano -  is now working in Malaysia as an engineer . Hedy ,
                   his wife works with BPI in Manila.  They have two 
                   children Gary and Daryl .
* Lourdes Tura - is a bussiness woman. Her husband is Paeng Tura who
                 works as a tourist guide in Cebu City . Santy is in
                 Manila  , working with  Anglo-American Tobacco as a
                 suprevisor .  Bim-bim and Dit-dit are in college in
                 USC . Sig-sig in HS and Tiara is still in prep . 
* Fred Serrano - is an attorney now living in Long Beach CA ,married
                 to Remy who works in a clinic hospital also in CA .
                 They have 3 children Katzy , Aiza and Ian .
* Roberto Serrano - the most eligible bachelor of the Serrano Clan .
                    He is in Butuan  , still playing chess every now
                    and then plus usahay usher sa masio .
* Larry Serrano - is now back in Butuan City to start a bussiness of
                  his own a fastfood and boarding house. He does not
                  play chess anymore but he plays scrabble , his new
                  fad . He has a son Lucky from his wife Brenda ,who 
                  is being trained to become the next  future  Grand
                  Master in chess .
* Malou Balansag - is managing her tindahan , married to Ric Balansag 
                   who manage a high-bred piggery (very big ones ) . 
                   They have three children all in all , two as were
                   twins : Maricar and Mariel ,and their youngest is 
                   Mariz .             

Chan Family

* Loreta " Nanay " Chan - just got back from the  states ,  now  in 
                          Mambajao , Camiguin  for good . 
* Dodong Chan - now in  Jedda ,  Kingdom of  Saudi  Arabia with his
                wife  Inday  ;  and their two  daughters  Bing 2x ,
                who is a  commerce  graduate  and  Bebsie ,  who is
                a  nurse .  Bong 2x , Melitz , Jovan  , and  Art 2x 
                are in  Ilo-ilo City  finishing their studies .
* (Late) Ali Chan - his wife is a  nurse in   Cagayan de Oro City .
                    They have 4 children :  Melody , Let-let , Bogs 
                    and another one I forgot the name .
* Estela Ederango - connected with  DILG , married to James Ederango
                    who is now one Municipal Councilor of Mambajao , 
                    Camiguin . They have two sons , Jam - Jam who is
                    studying to be a aircraft mechanic in  Cebu  and 
                    Ron-Ron a SK , Municipal Board Member  and still 
                    studying in a trade school in Camiguin .
* Ester Serrano - my mother , married to  Vic Serrano who is connected
                  with the  Boy  Scouts of the  Philippines .  Jay , 
                  Joey and Anjeline are their children .
* Boy Chan Jr - is now a bussiness man after retiring with P&G , his
                wife Salome is a nurse in Lutopan , Cebu . They have 
                3 children , Ian , Lester , and another one I forgot 
                the name .
* Paping Pagtama - is an oncology nurse in Cedar Sinai Hospital , CA
                   She is married to Abe Pagtama ,who works with SSS
                   still is LA , CA . They have 2 children :  Gabe ,
                   a basketball player in Santa Monica College , and
                   Karen , who is also now in college .
* Marian Quimpang - is in California also right now , and married to
                    Nilo Quimpang who work in a hospital ,accounting
                    department . They have two children Marnilli and 
                    Kevin .
* Lucille Limbaco - she manages her own store in Lapu-Lapu City,Cebu
                    and married to  Sammy Limbaco , who works abroad 
                    in a commercial boat as engineer .Their children
                    are the ff: Love-Love , Mikey  , and Sam-Sam .   

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