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Welcome to ANHS Chat !

Please let the chat room download completely  >>>>>>>>> this takes sometime .
This CHAT ROOM is JAVA - enhance . You need a browser that supports this kind
of application . It is recommended that you use Netscape Navigator v.3.01 or 
higher ; Microsoft Internet Explorer v.3.0 or higher , to be able to use the
chat room  . If you don't have the browser you may download the latest of it
on the following sites :

Netscape Navigator Download site : Http://

Internet Explorer Download site  : Http://


You simply log a "name of your choice" by filling up the appropriate space . 
Then click connect button and wait for awaile to make a connection  .  Once
your are connected , you simply type on the space which says " type here "
after erasing it and hit enter key  .   If you have problems using or 
connecting , you may e-mail :

Enjoy Yourself : )

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Sorry, your browser is not Java enabled, you will not be able to chat.